новая идея продукта 2017 года индивидуальные высокопрочные гайки болты крепления

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Новая идея продукта 2017 года индивидуальные высокопрочные гайки болты крепления

Описание товара

US standard, bolt size 3/8", 1/2", 7/16", 5/8, length from 5/8" to 2" regular supply

1. Full threaded or partially threaded hex bolt
1. Standard: ASMEI B18.2.1/A307
2. Inch Series hex bolts
Size- D: M4 to M48, L: 10 to 1000mm
Inch-D: 3/8" to 2 inch, L: 1/2 to 5 inch
For more standard specifications please check on hexbolts. cn
3. Material- Carbon Steel
4. Surface- Plain, black, zinc, hot dipper, chrome, brass
5. Brand Factory or OEM

2. General Data for ASME B18.2.1-2010 standard Bolts, Screws,

2.1 Heads
2.1.1 Top of Head. Top of head shall be full form and chamfered, with the diameter of chamfer circle equal to the maximum width across flats, on square or hex head products and the “B” dimension shown in Table 11 for lobed head screws with a tolerance of −15%.

2.1.2 Width Across Flats. The width across flats of head shall be the overall distance measured perpendicular to the axis of product between two opposite sides of the head in accordance with the notes in respective dimensional tables.

2.1.3 Head Height. The head height shall be the overall distance measured parallel to the axis of product from the top of the head to the bearing surface and shall include the thickness of thewasher face where provided.

2.1.4 Position of Head. The runout of the flats or lobes of the head shall be no greater than 6% of the
maximum width across flats or lobes. For reference purposes, the evaluation shall be made by indicating on the flats or outer surface of lobes while holding the body one bolt diameter from under the head and rotating the part.

2.2 Bolt or Screw Length
The bolt or screw length shall be the distance measured parallel to the axis of product from the bearing surface of the head to the extreme end of the bolt or screw, including the point if the product is pointed.

2.3 Body Diameter
The body diameter minimum/maximum limits are defined in each of the respective applicable tables.
Unless otherwise specified by the purchaser, the body style supplied shall be full-size body.
(1) Only bolts and lag screws are permitted to have die seams on their body that exceed the body diameter. Die seams on the body and all other styles of screws that exceed the body diameter
are not permitted.
(2) For recommended clearance of hole sizes for bolts and screws, refer to ASME B18.2.8.

2.4 Points
Unless otherwise specified, bolts need not be pointed. Products designated as screws, with the exception of lag screws, are required to have a chamfered point. The chamfer angle may vary depending on the manufacturing process. When specified, the chamfer angle should be considered a reference dimension only. The presence of a point is to reduce the possibility of damage to the
leading threads and promote assembleability with a tapped hole or nut. Point features not defined in a given product standard are at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Вопрос: вы торговая компания или производитель?

A: мы фабрика

Вопрос: как долго ваше время доставки?

A: как правило, это 5-10 дней, если товар есть в наличии. или это 15-20 дней, если товар отсутствует на складе, это в зависимости от количества.

Вопрос: вы предоставляете образцы? это бесплатно или дополнительно?

A: Да, мы могли бы предложить образец бесплатно, но не оплачивали стоимость перевозки.

Вопрос: каковы ваши условия оплаты?

A: Оплата <= 1000USD, 100% предоплата. Оплата> = 1000 USD, 30% T / T заранее, баланс перед пересылкой.

Быстрые Детали

Place of Origin: Jiangsu,China (Mainland)
Фирменное наименование: HPF, QFC
Стандарт: ISO
Product name: New 2017 product idea customized high strength nuts bolts fasteners
Material: Iron
Finish: Hot dip galvanized etc
Сервис: OEM ODM
Color: Silvery,self-color
Craft: Drop forged steel-queeched